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No Touching (France x Reader)
No Touching (France x Reader)
All Translations are in the description, hope you enjoy!~ :3
~~~(Name) POV~~~
“Yes ma chérie?”
“Remove. Your. Hand. From. My. Ass!” you growled before glaring at the Frenchman,
“But it’s so beautiful~” he purred before sliding his other arm around your waist.
Francis, your boyfriend, was kind, loving and affectionate just a little too affectionate, in fact he was so affectionate that some would take it as far as to call him a pervert and you’re the one who had to put up with this so called ‘Pervert’.
Yeah sure at times he could be a little perverted but you wouldn't necessarily call him a pervert just a little… frisky at times and touchy, VERY TOUCHY! And to be honest it was starting to annoy you. You pinched his hand earn
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 665 158
Sick!England x Reader - Bath Talk
You were greeted with the gentle, faint aroma of tea and roses once you opened the door to your English friend’s house, his spare key clutched in your hand as you peered inside.
There was nothing out of the ordinary; as usual, Arthur’s house was kept in wonderful condition, with everything clean and not a speck of dust in sight. Closing the door behind you, you quickly locked it and put the key away before sighing.
Arthur had called you earlier, requesting that you come over. He was bedridden at the moment, and he absolutely refused to bring over Alfred to take care of him since last time the American had tried to place a hamburger on his head as a way of curing him.
It was funny, yes, but Arthur had informed you that he’d rather not have ‘that greasy morsel’ – you were quoting his words – on his forehead.
“Arthur?” you called out softly, quietly climbing the stairs so you wouldn’t disturb the ill Englishman.
There was
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,541 326
Germany x Reader - Cuddly
Ludwig was a cute sleeper.
You’d give him that.
With his peaceful expression and soft snores, he resembled a giant, huggable teddy bear; the fact that his hair was down didn’t help too much either, because it only seemed to add to the adorable look.
Nonetheless, even if he did resemble a teddy bear, he definitely wasn’t acting like one – on the contrary, it was you who was acting like a teddy bear.
“I’m so thirsty,” you whined pitifully, squirming around in Ludwig’s strong hold. “Lemme go, Luddy! Wake up! I wanna get some water!”
The German didn’t even move, earning yet another whine from you.
For ten minutes you’d been trying to escape Ludwig’s arms, yearning for a nice cup of water to quench your thirst; however, much to your chagrin, Ludwig had a bad habit of cuddling in his sleep.
Well, you wouldn’t really call it bad – if anything, you enjoyed being cuddled by the
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,499 231
Hetalia: America x Reader: Video Games in the Dark
"Hey, Alfred." You knocked on the front door and waited patiently, "Are you home?"
You knew the answer, of course he was home! Alfred planned to play some video games with you, and he was so excited about it, so there was no way he'd miss out! Your head grew hotter and so, impatiently you leaned against the door. You stumbled, almost loosing your balance, what? It was open?
Allowing yourself to step in, and making sure to close the front door with a firm click, you blinked in surprise. Alfred's house was grand, too large for a single young man, and was enveloped in pitch-black darkness. You kept blinking, trying to get used to the darkness, and noticed light was slipping through a gap under a door. You stepped closer to it, abandoning your shoes close to the front door, and reached for the handle. The door creaked open slowly, and flashes appeared suddenly like lightning. The curtains were closed and it seemed that the only trace of light there was, was emitting from a large
:iconsugaranimekitty99:SugarAnimeKitty99 157 72
Hetalia: America x Reader: A Hot Day With Alfred
"Arghh! _____, it's too hot!!!" Alfred whined, fanning himself with his hand and wiping sweat off his forehead with the other. 
"Eh?! I know that! You don't need to point out the obvious Al." You sighed, rolling your eyes.
"But it's hot!!" He moaned, slouching tiredly.
"Well, what else do you want me to do about it?" You snapped. "I've already turned the huge electric fan over there on max!"
Currently, with your best friend complaining by your ear, you were sitting on the steps of Alfred's patio. Earlier, knowing that the weather was sunny, you had given Alfred a little visit. But it became too sunny. You knocked on the door and waited for a long, long time before you heard the American stumble downstairs and finally open the door. It was like he was hibernating in the summer and just woke up! You told him to go outside for some warm fresh air and so, more or less, dragged him out to the patio. Hence, why Alfred was complaining on how hot it was.&
:iconsugaranimekitty99:SugarAnimeKitty99 292 151
Your Turn- AmericaxReader
"Alfred, come on," you groaned when Alfred would continually ignore you, poking his cheek in annoyance, "Get up and off your sexy ass already and go check up on the baby..."
Alfred smirked faintly in his pretend sleep, deciding to just encase you in his strong arms and buff chest to keep you from moving. You frowned at your husband and the sounds of your darling child calling for the sleepy parents from the nursery room.
Sleepily, you said to Alfred again, "Please Alfred, it's your turn to check on the baby..."
Alfred lifted one of his eyelids to allow his piercing blue eyes to stare at you, "Why should I, babe?"
You rolled your eyes at Alfred's playful banter, deciding to immediately step up Alfred's motivation towards getting out of the warm pillows, cocoon of blankets and your hot body temperature. Slowly sitting up, you slung a leg over Alfred's other side, effectively straddling him, "Because, big boy, if you don't get up," You pulled on his Nantucket hard, whispering
:iconixmay:Ixmay 402 62
Your Turn- GermanyxReader
“Ludwig, come on,” you groaned when Ludwig would continually ignore you, poking his cheek in annoyance. His grunt of playful annoyance was the only indication of him being awake, “Get up and off your sexy ass already and go check up on the baby... And don't even TRY combing your hair, it looks more attractive right now...”
Ludwig chuckles softly at you in his pretend sleep, deciding to just encase you in his strong arms and buff chest to keep you from moving. You frowned at your husband and the sounds of your darling child calling for you and Ludwig, the sleepy parents, from the nursery room. Ludwig merely gave a faint smirk, still with his eyes closed.
Sleepily, you said to Ludwig again, “Please Ludwig, it's your turn to check on the baby...”
Ludwig lifted one of his eyelids to allow his striking blue eyes to stare at you, a smirk playing up on his face, “Vhy should I, mädchen?”
You rolled your eyes at Ludwig's pl
:iconixmay:Ixmay 525 139
LovinoxReader: Cherry Tomato 1
You groaned grumpily into your pillow, your body shifting away from the source of the noise that was rudely interrupting your sleep.
“(Name), bella, it’s time to get up,” an amused voice said with a chuckle. You grunted in response and pulled your blankets around you tighter in hopes of protecting you from the events you knew would quickly ensue. Your retaliation elicited a weary sigh, and you felt the bed dip as new weight was added beside you.
“Alright, if you want to play this game, so be it,” the voice warned close to your ear, causing you to tense up and grip your blankets closer.
In one fast motion your sheets were ripped off of you, causing you to gasp loudly as cool air came in contact with your warm skin. Your hands flailed about blindly, your right hand quickly catching the soft material that had once been wrapped around you, and you snatched it in a death grip and pulled it towards you. You heard a laugh come from abo
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 206 17
BTTXReader - Sickly Sweet
Not every did (Name) get sick. She was actually commonly called heath almost all year long, but today wasn’t her day.
Her soft snores eased with every breath as she hugged one of her pillows. Her door slowly cracked open and her older brother stepped in –one of her older brothers- and let out a groan. Just to be pest he and spread some misery he started flicking the light on and off so fast (Name)’s room turned into dance club with strobe lights.
Just as this happened, the girl’s alarm clock went off. Her eyes snapped open to the bright flashing room and her head pounded painfully as she awoke ever so rudely. “Lovino…” She slowly growled out. The dragon has been woken –and she is not happy.
Feliciano was starting to get worried about (Name) and Lovino. He was supposed to get her up for school because she slept in today. It’s been about ten minutes now and still he hasn’t seen any of them. He headed for her room upstairs. As h
:iconkay-love-pain17:Kay-Love-Pain17 253 40
Afterschool Detention ReaderxBTT
Room 239.
This was it.
You felt the peach fuzz on your face prick up as a chill traveled down your spine. You felt so dirty just for being near this room. It was used for one of the worst words in the English dictionary, detention.
You cautiously poked your head into the room. It looked like a normal classroom only it felt so wrong. At the front of the room was a desk for a teacher and then there were four rows of desks for the students. The first three rows were empty but at the back of the room… ‘Oh no,” you thought, “It’s them.”
Sitting right there at the back of the room were the three most notorious troublemakers in the school, Antonio, Francis, and their leader Gilbert. Otherwise known as the bad touch trio, you had heard a lot about these three including the rumors that circulated about them. They were cruel rumors spread by cruel children but they were also really popular so you figured that maybe they were okay with it? Ach, you didn’
:iconhetaliafreakiness:hetaliafreakiness 255 44
[Ouran High School Host Club X Reader] Chapter 1
Just great.
You couldn’t find your glasses, and your head was frantically trying to pull together the worst scenarios that could happen to you at this new school.
More like new 'hell' in your opinion.
Looking on the bathroom counter for your specks, you heard your bedroom door swing open; followed by the sound of heels clacking on wood.
Some kind of expensive wood called 'dalbergia', that your father had shipped in from Madagascar.
Your mother insisted on the new mansion in Japan be built with only the finest materials, even though she didn’t fancy the color.
Typical arrogance.
"Honey, I had the maid press your uniform. She'll help you get into it of you need it."
Your mothers sweet voice came from the other side of the bathroom door, her knuckles gently tapping on the other side.
Your hair was still damp from your shower, and you definitely weren't in the mood to argue with her, so you just sighed and replied.
"Alright, thank you."
You answered quickly, hoping to get the p
:icondefective-technology:DeFecTiVe-TeChNoLoGY 13 1
[Ouran High School Host Club X Reader] Intro
You were never really much for the girly, orthodox behavior you had to uphold. Though for the status your family held, it wasn't something you could just shove under the rug.
For long anyway.
To be honest, you weren't really much for feminine things at all.
You loved rock bands.
Horror movies were a way of life.
Old video game tee's and jeans were basically the only wardrobe you insisted on wearing.
Your _(h/c)_  unkempt hair was never really set free from the hold of a hat of some sort.
And those prescription, wide-rimmed glasses you wore; lets just say a huge wound on the fashion sense.
Overall, you were a walking travesty in the eyes of the prosperous class.
Then again, I don’t think you'd have it any other way.
So all in all, you did have some flaws here and there concerning the noble point of view.
But that didn’t stop you from taking advantage of some of the things you did find intriguing.
You had the voice of an angel most would say. Not to mention you co
:icondefective-technology:DeFecTiVe-TeChNoLoGY 12 5
[Bad Touch Trio x Reader] Oneshot!
You shouted out through the empty home, completely furious.
Your mind was set on a rather annoying Prussian, and his cheeky companions as you hurried around the house.
“I am going to kill each one of you if you don’t give them back!”
Just as you were about to open the bathroom door, it busted open. Though before you could react, strong arms were wrapped around your waist as they pulled you to the partnering wall.
“Hola, senorita!”
Antonio waved happily at you from the doorway of the bathroom, acting as if nothing was happening.
Deciding to ignore the Spaniard, you leaned your head around to see Francis holding you close to his chest.
“Qui~ Hello there my little fleur.”
He flashed you one of his signature smiles, then directed his attention to Antonio.
“Toni, do me a favor, and grab _______’s legs would you?”
Francis’s words made your eyes widen.
‘Toni, don’t you dare!’
You practic
:icondefective-technology:DeFecTiVe-TeChNoLoGY 126 16
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Its Summer
    And I have nothing to do for a couple of days, perfect time to think of a one-shot.

Main Fandoms I Can Do:
Ouran HighSchool Host Club
LEGO Ninjago
but I can try for anything
Its Summer
    And I have nothing to do for a couple of days, perfect time to think of a one-shot.

Main Fandoms I Can Do:
Ouran HighSchool Host Club
LEGO Ninjago
but I can try for anything


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Vanessa Luna Marie G.F.C
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi I'm Vanessa Luna Marie Garcia Fernandez Carriedo. I represent the country Mexico. My big brother Antonio tried telling me not to but our identities on here

Boyfriend: Alfred F. Jones (please don't tell Toni)
Best Friend: Gilbert, Ludwig, Yao,
Height: 5'5"
Half Hispanic 1/18 German ?% English 1/16 Irish
Zodiac: Capricorn
Currently In: Lone Star State
Thinking Of: asdfmovies and TomSka
Youtubers: PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Slogoman, TomSka

I love LEGO Ninjago, and as you can tell Hetalia, FOB is amazing.

All I can Think of at the moment.


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